Friday, September 6, 2013

Getting Ready for Coast Day

Jeff, Dockmaster George, John M. and volunteers Steve, Bob, and Charles spent a beautiful afternoon on the water jockeying boats and barges in preparation for Saturday's Coast Day events.  John and Bob moved the barge down river from Olympia, into the basin, and the entire crew maneuvered it into position as an extension to the existing floating dock.  

While it was great to have a few hours to enjoy the bright sunshine and moderate temperatures, most of the work was inside.  George, in addition to his usual responsibilities for managing the fleet and getting ready for an afternoon livery session, had an oar to construct.

George patches a bad spot on his new oar with thickened epoxy.
Charles finished up his restoration project -- a front porch rocker from the old U.S. Naval Home in Gray's Ferry.  The chair, which had obviously seen much use as well as much weather over the years, was missing 5 of its original 9 seat slats, as well as two stringers.  With those reconstructed and put in place, the chair could be reglued.  The new work will be colored with a finish compatible with the original, but different enough so the original fabric of the chair can be easily distinguished from the repairs.  While no one will ever rock in the chair again, it is fascinating to imagine the generations of old sailors who swapped stories, reminisced, and rocked away their final years in the chair.

The U.S.Naval Home chair with replaced parts ready for gluing.
Steve spent some of his morning sanding the transom of one of the ISM fleet Whitehalls, in preparation for her relaunch.  She already sports a bright newly painted topside, and fresh bottom paint.  Soon she will be back in the water beside her sister Whitehall, Bruce Almighty.

Steve stains the Whitehall Transom.
Work continues on Misleading Lady.  While Bob and Jeff compile lists of parts needed to complete engine and drive train installation, Newt sanded and stained the mahogany coaming in preparation for many coats of varnish.  

Newly stained coaming awaits varnish
Forward coaming panel masked and ready to be stained.

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