Friday, September 13, 2013


WoW got itself a couple of newbies this week: a brand new volunteer --Leslie, and a brand new old boat -- Lee's classic Beetle Cat.  Both were welcomed enthusiastically. 

Leslie was put to work with "a little light sanding."  Late in the process of refinishing the  transom of Misleading Lady, an errant pencil mark was noticed under the varnish.  That would not do on a beautiful restoration like this, so the transom needed to be taken down to the bare mahogany again, restained, and revarnished.  Newt got the take-down started, and Leslie, in her trial-by-sandpaper, got to finish it.  She passed the test, managing to get the transom clear of old finish, and ready for re-staining with NO pencil marks this time.

Leslie gets started.  Newt left the "easy parts" for her.
Hours later, the transom looks great!
The latest member of the ISM fleet to undergo its cosmetic makeover is a WoW built Bevins Skiff.  Her hull has been cleaned up and painted both outside and in, and Steve began to apply the finishing touches -- a bright ISM blue rubrail.  Soon, she will be back in the water for some Fall rowing.

Looking good!

Our other new arrival, the Beetle Cat, is a classic beauty who is just a bit down at the heels.  She has the great bones of the nicely built little boat that she is, and will restore wonderfully.  Lee trailered her down, and we quickly moved her into the shop before predicted thunderstorms arrived.  Then we got a chance to have a look at the work to be done.

Welcome to the Workshop on the Water, Beetle Cat!
Hull number 1564.  Definitely a lucky number.
One of the must-do tasks -- replacing the canvas deck.
Dockmaster George had some work to do eye-splicing dock lines for the fleet. The growing number of boats in the basin coupled with the afternoon boat rental program are making the dockmaster's job more essential.

George splices like the pro he has become.
Charles got to work on a special project -- a memento for the upcoming Olympia fundraiser, Fanfare on the Fantail.  The memento consists of a block of angelique timber from the stock that was used in the recent Olympia redecking.  The blocks are oiled with the same preservative actually used on the Olympia deck, and two commemorative coins minted from the actual bronze of old Olympia propellers are set into the top.  It was a fun project to do, and produced a handsome result.

Olympia commemorative blocks.

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