Friday, August 23, 2013

Racing and splicing

We began the day by loading up the ISM entry in the duckboat race at the Mantoloking Yacht Club.  She is a beautifully (WoW) restored Beaton sneakbox.  John S. drove her down to Mantoloking for the race.

Sneakbox on the trailer, headed for New Jersey and glory.
Those of us left behind found a few important tasks with which to keep busy. Larry occupied himself with between-coat sanding and then painting the current maintenance project -- one of the ISM fleet Whitehalls.  All the seats have been painted and reinstalled, a new sole has been fashioned, and the shearstrake and transom sport a new bright blue color.  She should be ready for rowing any day now.

Larry wipes down the rail before painting the second coat.
Everything sanded and ready to paint.
Shiny enough to see your reflection.
Charles worked on the shroud assembly for the second whaleboat rig.  Splicing an eye around a bullseye seemed pretty straightforward, but splicing is not like riding a bicycle.  If you haven't done it for a while, you had better get the book out and learn all over again.

It really does look like the picture.  Really.  It does.
The splice to be behind a completed one.  Something to aim for.

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