Friday, September 7, 2012

New Neighbor

Flying Jib II, a classic Lightning class sailboat that has been to WoW for work in years past, is back in the shop.  She is sitting in the space formerly occupied by To 'N Fro.  While she doesn't take up quite as much floor as the former occupant, everyone is happy to see another fine old boat in the shop, and to have an opportunity to bring her back closer to her original beauty. Bruce and Jeff are assessing the condition of the boat to determine what needs to be done for her this year.

Flying Jib II up on the horses for examination
The smaller the boat, the bigger the shop looks.
Meanwhile, the crew continued working on several projects, including the nearly completed Comet.  The standing rigging is being installed, including new chainplates, both forward and side, new blocks, cleats, etc.  The traveler is fastened, and she looks to be nearly ready for the wind and water.  The new mast has been fitted in the new mast step.  Fortunately, the hull is located near an access hole in the highest part of the shop ceiling.  By inserting the top of the mast through that hole, it was possible to step the mast.

Lucky that hole in the ceiling was there!

Standing rigging being installed, including new shrouds.
Bruce and John looking for the right part.
New Comet mast wedges varnished and drying on the bench.

The skiff was caulked, had an outer keel and skeg attached, and has been set aside awaiting the return of the students.  It is temporarily on display in the hallway outside the shop.

Keel and skeg in place, hull caulked.
WoW volunteers were working on a few special projects for ISM's upcoming special events, including the every popular penny sailboats, and a couple of authentic design peg legs (so you can walk like a pirate as well as talk like one,)  for the October 6 Old City Seaport Festival. A new pedestal is being constructed for the Philadelphia Cup trophy. The races will be sailed on September 29 this year.

Lee practices the Zen art of penny boat construction.
Carl pauses to contemplate the next "step" in his peg leg project.
Charles' Philadelphia Cup trophy base in clamps after glueup.

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