Friday, September 28, 2012

Big Stuff Coming

WoW staff and volunteers have been keeping very busy with preparations for the two big forthcoming events -- the Philadelphia Cup Regatta on Saturday, September 29, and the Old City Seaport Festival on October 6 and 7.  The shop has been thoroughly picked up and dusted, and the necessary projects have been completed.  The Philadelphia Cup is now mounted on its new pedestal, and its silver plating has gotten a thorough polishing, courtesy of Newt.
The cup ready for its 2012 awards
The new ramp and gate are in place and ready for the arrival of the tall ships, which will to kick off the Old City Seaport Festival on October 5.  The setup looks every bit as cool as one could have hoped it would.  Jeff and Bob did the final welding of posts and the access step, and the ramp is good to go.  It will be great to be able to actually carry or roll a boat onto the floating dock.
The gate fully assembled
Last minute welding and fitting
In preparation for the arrival of the ships and boats, every available barge in the basin has been brought in to extend the Museum's floating dock.  The barges are being fastened together to allow visitors to walk past all the vessels.  The barges have received fresh coats of paint, and will serve their purpose very nicely.
Olympia's work barge has become a floating dock extension
While most of the WoW activity these days is in preparation for the coming events, there is still a bit of boatwork taking place.  Newt is back at it, finishing up the ceiling in the whaleboat, and the Comet is being finished up and will be in the water for the Festival.
Newt fits the next ceiling strip in the whaleboat

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