Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Puffin afloat

The team put the finishing touches on the carvel Whitehall, gave her a name (Puffin) and ceremoniously launched her for her maiden voyage on Barnegat Bay.
Puffin on the trailer and ready to go
Very sharp looking from either end
Work continued on the other Whitehall, the clinker built one, with Ben and Max laboring away. She will be done soon; most of the carpentry is finished, and paint is being applied to floorboards, thwarts, and benches.
There is always something that needs to be done.

 Work continued on the Richardson as well, with the engine going back in atop the new stainless steel drip pan.  It won't be long before she goes back into the water.
Jeff singlehandedly lifting the engine back into the boat
Meanwhile, the CHAD kids and most of the WoW team got to celebrate their accomplishments and demonstrate their skills at a party in Bayhead, NJ on Barnegat Bay.
Watch that drill!  This is a party
One can never have too many mast hoop bracelets
You wouldn't really break that bottle against the hull, would you?
Carl finally takes a break from oar making

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