Thursday, July 26, 2012

Goings and comings and staying puts

The clinker built Whitehall, sporting a very vibrant blue topside, took a step closer to the water as she left the shop and was carried by a host of strong backs down to the floating dock, where she received a final coat of oil to her transom.  Very soon, she will join the growing ISM fleet.  Like her carvel sister, she is a real beauty -- a credit to Bruce, the CHAD kids, and volunteers who worked on her the past few months.
One very pretty little boat all painted and ready to move out of the shop and into the water

Still pretty, even from the side.

Even as the Whitehall left the shop, the next project arrived.  She is a Lightening, named Flying Jib, and is in the shop for repairs to some storm-caused damage.

Flying Jib ready to enter the shop
 Our ongoing projects are making good progress.  While the shop is full of boats right now, soon we will be saying goodbye to the 1929 Richardson, as well as the restored Comet, and will have lots of space for new projects.  Lots of work is being done on To 'N Fro, including the gold leaf name on the beautiful transom, quart after quart of varnish, and coats of paint.
The name is starting to look great again, with new gold leaf and fresh varnish on the transom
Newt is sanding in preparation for another coat of varnish on the bright trim
Lots of pieces varnished and ready to reinstall

The Comet is coming along, too.  She got a final coat of epoxy on her new deck yesterday.  It was sanded smooth today, and is ready for a coat or two of paint.
Stuck in a corner, but not forgotten, the Comet's deck looking very, very smooth

Looking just as good from the port side
Meanwhile, a new boat is being started in the shop.  It is a student project led by Nick -- a Bevins Skiff.  With her hard chines, straightforward planking, and flat bottom, she is an ideal project to learn to build a boat.
The Bevins Skiff plan tacked up to facilitate lofting
Molds are starting to spring up on the strongback.  Planks are soon to follow
 Stuff is happening in the water as well as in the shop.  A nice breeze made the hot humid day almost tolerable, as well as making for a first rate sailing opportunity.  The crew from the Wooden Boat Factory  were sailing around the basin. WoW interns and volunteers were rowing and sailing as well.  Visitors were enjoying the water in the rental kayaks and paddle boats.  A real crowd was great to see!

Everybody was having a great time on the water
 Unfortunately, one WoW crew member, Jeff, couldn't join in the fun.  He was fully committed to his new responsibility as part of the new "Famous Boatbuilders of Philadelphia" exhibit, and just could not get himself free. . . .
Jeff on display in a very safe place

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