Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Another successful flip

Jeff performed another of his magic tricks -- turning a 26 foot long hull upside down, right on the shop floor. This time, the lovely lady was Misleading Lady, who needed to be flipped in order to sand and ultimately fiberglass coat the bottom.  Normally, this is an absolute no-no at WoW, fiberglassing a wooden hull, but Misleading Lady is a special case. Her owner plans to keep her out of the water and in a sheltered enclosure except when she is in use. Therefore, in order to keep her from taking on water as she swells every time she is launched, the fiberglas bottom seems prudent.

The first step, gravity being what it is, was to turn her over so the soon-to-be-glassed bottom is accessible for epoxy coating and glassing.

The crew stands by the boat in slings. Jeff is planning.
Lower the hoist on the portside, and raise it on starboard.
Look Ma! One hand!
Charles gives her a final push.
And, down she goes.
Bob took over for Christian on the Becuna torpedo project. Bob finished up the tail end of the torpedo framework, which will be covered and painted to look like the real thing. The torpedo will be installed in a forward torpedo tube on the sub, and will be  one more interactive kid-friendly ISM display.

Bob finishes up the torpedo tail frame. Tube in background will be the body.
A couple of the student project skiffs are back in the shop for some minor repair. A bit of leaking at the chines needed to be repaired with some additional caulking and screw tightening.

Dave and Larry tighten some screws.
Esteban marks screws that are too close to the edge while Joe and Jen work on the other side.
Lagniappe, the Iain Oughtred sloop built by volunteer Charles and finished last winter at WoW has finally gotten her sails. They were made by sailmaker Brad Linthicum (Linthicum Sailmakers) in New Jersey and installed last week.

Lagniappe at the ISM dock sporting her new mainsail.
Traditionally rigged with steamed oak mast hoops.

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