Saturday, December 21, 2013


The Workshop on the Water is nicely decorated for the holiday season with a Christmas tree, garland, and assorted trim, and played host last weekend to "Santa's Workshop on the Water."  You can read more about the event and see some pictures at the WoW Facebook page.  

Tree and garland beside clamps and sawdust.
The SAILOR kids have been busily working on their strongbacks, in preparation for the construction of their Harbor Master Skiffs.  The strongbacks have been screwed together, and fastened to the floor. 

Strongback construction is underway.
Cross bracing was added.  The strongbacks must still be leveled before mold construction can begin.

Cross braced strongbacks are nearly ready to build.
John stopped in to visit over his college break, and was promptly put to work sanding Misleading Lady's hull.

Scratch sanded and ready for another coat of hull paint.
He finished too quickly, so he got to sand and apply another coat of varnish to the undersides of Misleading Lady's engine hatch covers.

John adds a coat of varnish to the hatch covers.
Charles continued engine plumbing on his Oughtred "Grey Seal", completing the shaft bore and putting the fiberglass shaft log in place.

Shaft log glued in place with 3M 5200.
With brazing help from Jeff, the Grey Seal's traveler was completed and fastened in place.

Traveler with stops brazed in place by Jeff.

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