Friday, July 26, 2013

Ladies Return

The Morgan launch ceremony is over, and our two whaleboats are back in Philadelphia.  One has returned to the shop for some minor work.  As is common with a newly launched boat, swelling has caused some wood to shift, and the centerboard started to bind.  That required a few swipes with a plane, and a bottom paint touchup.  Also, a minor leak developed in her garboard, apparently as a result of her ride to Connecticut on the trailer. That will be checked out and repaired as well.  Since she will be at the ISM for the summer, and regularly rowed by our campers and others, she will also get a couple of coats of bottom paint.

Newt sands a whaleboat bottom in preparation for painting.
One of the whitehalls is getting very close to the water.  A second coat of bright red paint now graces her sheer strake, and once the remainder of the topside has been painted, she will be good to go.  

A very bright red indeed.
Meanwhile, the seats and floors of the other whitehall are painted and ready for installation.  

Whitehall seats are all painted and ready for installation.
The big event of the day was the arrival in the shop of an old friend, Misleading Lady.  She has been a part-time project at WoW for a number of years, but she is finally going to be finished.  Misleading Lady is a keel-up restoration of a classic powerboat, a 1928 Ventnor, built on the southern New Jersey coast.  The process thus far is well documented at this location.  We are looking forward to finishing her up and seeing her in the water after many, many years on the hard.

Misleading Lady on the trailer, ready for lifting.

Jeff positions the dolly beneath the Lady.

We rolled her into the shop where she awaits her fate.

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