Friday, May 31, 2013

The home stretch

The June 8 splash date for the two Beetle replica whaleboats is fast approaching, but fortunately the whaleboats are nearing completion.  The hull and bottom of the second boat received their last coats of paint, and now with their white hulls and bottoms and their ISM Blue sheer strake, they look to the casual observer like identical twins. Differences are more evident inside, since the second boat has an oil protected interior, gunwales, and trim, while the first boat was painted.
Whaleboat #2 ready for the last coat of blue on the sheer strake.
Whaleboat #1 ready to launch.
There are still a few more parts to fabricate and install in the second boat. Some of them are awaiting turning the boat right side up again.
A tiller has been added to the rudder for the second boat.
A harpoon rest is being glued up.  The loggerhead in the background awaits installation.
Meanwhile, with the L.F.Herreshoff Meadowlark receiving her final fitting out, she is getting a few additional parts before she goes on her way. Lee is working on a new set of cleats for her to replace the deteriorated ones with which she arrived.  Mark, her owner, has been working on the boat, reinstalling hardware and touching up paint and varnish.  Soon, she will motor out of the basin, and sail  down the river.
Lee works his rasp on a new cleat.
The shop was crowded with kids, as it seems to be more and more often lately.  Three groups made their way through, learning something of the arcane boatbuilding arts from Bruce, as well as a bit about the whaling industry.
A student group, obviously captivated by Bruce's lecture.

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