Friday, December 21, 2012

Heading into the home stretch

With a hard commitment to start whaleboat number two in early January, we are working diligently to finish the relatively few remaining tasks on the first boat.  The fussy process of installing the thwart knees and spacers is almost done.  Only 4 remain out of the total of 14, and they should be done within the next few days.  The oarlock pads are bedded and screwed down.  The rudder parts have all been milled and cut out of white oak, fitted to the boat, and are ready for the installation of pintles and gudgeons.  Then the rudder cheeks can be attached.  After that, most of what remains is finishing, which will be part paint and part oil.
John and Bob test fit a knee and spacer
All fitted, bedded, and ready for riveting
One of five oarlock pads bedded and screwed
The Marsh Cat got her hull covered with a layer of carbon fiber fabric this  week.  A couple of coats of epoxy were applied and sanded, followed by primer.  The waterline was marked using a laser level.  She is now ready for painting, and then turning over to begin the needed interior work.
Marsh Cat hull covered with carbon fiber and painted.  Note penciled waterline.
Laser level used to mark the waterline on Marsh Cat Obadiah.
Bob is making progress on the Herreshoff Meadow Lark, Suzy.  Cutting of the bulkheads has been completed, and a step for the mainmast compression post has been fashioned.  
New bulkhead configuration shows the new "open" floorplan.
New mast step for mainmast compression post.

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