Friday, August 24, 2012

What is in a name

As To 'N Fro moves closer to completion (departure scheduled for August 28) she has become more and more the center of attention in the shop.  That was truer than usual as she got her name re-painted on her newly refinished transom.  The job was done by Paul Quinn, owner of Design Brilliance.  Paul did a great job, using some techniques that are quite familiar to us, and others that were brand new.  Regardless, the finished job was a great looking, very traditional transom.
First step is taping a pre-cut template to the transom
Sizing is painted into the letter spaces and allowed to dry
Next, Paul rubs 23.5 k gold leaf onto the sizing
After removing the template, Paul burnishes the gold lettering
A closer look at the burnishing device and the beautiful effect
A black border is hand painted around each letter
The final product.  A few more coats of varnish, and it will be done, done, done!
While it was difficult to tear ourselves away from watching Paul work on the transom, we did manage to get work done on several other key projects.  Lee and Steve sanded and varnished the Comet mast, as she nears completion. While they had the brush and sandpaper out, they did a couple of other masts as well.  A broken spreader needed to be rebuilt for the Comet mast, and that was accomplished too.
Vinyl gloves and a wooden mast -- what do you think comes next?
Lee and Steve the "Spars R Us" duo, varnish up a storm.
Meanwhile, Charles was at work building a new pedestal for the Philadelphia Cup, which will recognizes winners of the Philadelphia Cup Regatta.  The Regatta, which is co-sponsored by the Corinthian Yacht Club of Philadelphia, Liberty Sailing Association, and Riverton Yacht Club, will be hosted at ISM on September 29.
Cutting mortises for the Philadelphia Cup pedestal
This ought to fit

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