Monday, June 25, 2012

Whitehalls are getting there

Bruce, the CHAD kids, and a gaggle of WoW volunteers have been working hard to get the two Whitehalls ready for the water.  Crunch time is here. The anticipated launch date is early July, and it is starting to look like a possibility.

The carvel planked boat is fully planked, knees, breasthook, inwales, etc. are in place, and the interior has been oiled.  She is getting her final fitting of thwarts, benches, oarlocks, etc., before being flipped for caulking and painting.
Bruce fitting starboard bench. 
John is proud of his work. The floor boards are across the shop getting painted.
All hands are working on the Whitehalls these days.  Those who are not fitting and fastening parts are milling, cutting, sanding or priming in order to finish the boats and get them into the water.
Newt is milling some pine for the port bench.
 The other Whitehall, the clinker built one, is a bit behind her carvel planked sister, still awaiting the sheerstrake.  After that, she will be fitted out just as her sister is being fitted out now.
Lapstrake planked Whitehall waiting for her sheerstrake.

Even though he was briefly caught up in the excitement of completing the Whitehalls, Captain John finally got around to his primary task of the day -- making mast wedges for his Comet.  It's nice to see John's Comet, named Chimay (after either the French village or the beer the Trappist monks brew there, not sure which,) back at the ISM dock.  She was our shopmate for many months while undergoing a thorough WoW restoration last year.
John setting his brand new mast wedges.  A fine little boat!

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